New networking and learning community for seniors and young alumni

Bridge Courses are an exciting new series of courses designed exclusively for Georgetown seniors and young alumni. Gain professional and personal skills, reflect on your experiences at Georgetown, and engage in discussions about​ how to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

Young alumni  can become involved in the Bridge community through curated course offerings designed to help them connect with fellow Hoyas while having thoughtful conversations about life away from the Hilltop. In Summer 2017, we will launch several courses for young alumni; Career Crossroads courses will help young alumni manage career decisions, changes, and transitions with a mature set of values and a coherent mission, and Work-Life Strategies courses will serve as an opportunity to gain skills, frameworks, and dispositions that contribute to a creating a productive career and a fulfilling life. 

Alumni of all ages can be active in our new PULP (Pop-Up Learning and Politics): Fact or Fiction series, in which Georgetown faculty provide analysis and commentary on current topics of critical importance through online videos and in-person meetups across the United States. 

Seniors can become part of the Bridge Community by enrolling in 1-credit courses during the spring semester. These courses are an opportunity to gain professional and personal skills, reflect on your experiences at Georgetown, and engage in discussions about​ how to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.

The Bridge Courses for seniors fall into two categories; Personal and Professional Development courses prepare seniors to navigate post-graduate life, and Revisiting the Core courses prompt them to reflect on core life questions. 

Spring 2017 Bridge Courses

Personal and Professional Development

UNXP-350: Life Negotiations

UNXP-351: Story-Knowing and Storytelling

UNXP-352: Data Visualization

UNXP-353: Vocation and Purpose

Revisiting the Core 

UNXP-400: Freud and the Good Life

UNXP-401: Radical Hope