Bridge Courses

Bridge Courses are an exciting new series of 1 credit classes exclusively designed for seniors and young alumni. Gain professional and personal skills, reflect on your experiences at Georgetown, and engage in discussions about​ how to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.

We’re curating our Spring 2018 offerings during the Fall semester, and courses will available for pre-registration in November. A selection of upcoming courses is listed below; more will be added soon. To be the first to know about our full menu of courses, sign up here. You can also see a list of previously offered courses below.

Spring 2017 Courses

Prepare to navigate post-graduate life

UNXD 350 – Life Negotiations
with Andrew Caffey, Caffey Law Firm

UNXD 351 – Story-knowing and Storytelling
with Beth Harlan, Cawley Career Center

UNXD 352 – Data Visualization
with Alex Engler, Analyst at Urban Institute and Lecturer at McCourt School

UNXD 353 – Vocation and Purpose
A structured series of questions and conversations co-hosted by Jeanne Lord and Bryant Oskvig, and featuring campus faculty, staff leaders, and others.

Reflect on core life questions

UNXD 400 – Freud and the Good Life Revisited
with Prof. Terrence Reynolds, Theology

UNXD 401 – Radical Hope: Ethics in the Face of Cultural Devastation
with Prof. Kate Withy, Philosophy

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