Designing the Future(s) initiative welcomes its second class of Future(s) Fellows


On a September Saturday, the Designing the Future(s) initiative welcomed its second class of Future(s) Fellows with a retreat in ethicslab in Healy Hall.

Designing the Future(s) had a range of activities planned for the Fellows over the course of the four-hour retreat. The event began with a comprehensive look at the curricular programs being advanced through the Red House and presentations by Georgetown faculty and staff members involved in the work.

Fellows also had the opportunity to learn from each other and faculty mentors throughout the retreat, as they participated in discussions and design sessions about crucial questions in higher education. Fellows were asked to imagine the world as it will be in 2030, and to create new infrastructures—and dismantle defunct systems— for a university that would produce ethically-minded global citizens. When imagining a world full of new technologies, politics, and financial systems, Fellows explored how the institution of higher education might have to respond to continue to affect the world in a positive way.

The Future(s) Fellows will continue to meet throughout the semester to engage with faculty and guests in more design sessions, aid in the development of curricular projects, and help to reimagine a Georgetown education for the 21st century.

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