Future(s) Team Members Participate in Georgetown’s First Studio Learning Symposium

Designing the Future(s) team members played a key role in Georgetown’s first Studio Learning Symposium this July, which assembled a diverse cohort of faculty, students, and administrators to explore the potential for studio-based pedagogies in Georgetown’s learning ecosystem. A studio learning environment, usually understood to emphasize project-based collaborative learning with an emphasis on feedback and iteration, is at the heart of many Future(s) projects. Studio is one important way in which faculty and staff have rethought traditional classroom environments, immersed students in experiential learning, and bridged the curricular and co-curricular.




The Studio Learning Symposium was co-sponsored by the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship and the Georgetown University Writing Program, and it was facilitated by Georgetown professors Maggie Debelius and Sherry Linkon. Debelius and Linkon are part of a team leading the creation of the Minor in Writing, Design, and Communication in partnership with the Red House. The new program would award students a minor for successful completion of one-credit studio courses and student-led projects guided by faculty mentors.


Read more about the Studio Learning Symposium here.



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