About Us

“It’s our time to define the Georgetown of the future … We want to identify creative ways—new packages, new educational programs—that use our creativity to address some of these challenges”

— Provost Robert Groves —


The mission of Designing the Future(s) of the University is to accelerate educational innovation that allows higher education to more effectively and equitably benefit society.

At Georgetown that means:

  • Exploring how to value and integrate experiential modes of learning into the traditional educational model
  • Empowering students with the agility of mind and skill necessary for lives of meaning and service in the 21st century
  • Expanding access to higher education.

Designing the Future(s) aggregates, designs, and pilots new models of teaching and learning across the university to advance a culture of educational innovation and proactively shape the Georgetown education of the future. Future(s) sits in The Red House, Georgetown’s incubator for educational innovation and site for convening stakeholders in this work.

Creating a Context for Accelerating innovation

The Future(s) Initiative plays the role of an R&D unit that connects the strategic goals of the University with grass roots creativity of faculty, staff, programs and schools.

We believe that innovation is imperative if we, as an institution, are to live up to our own values in a landscape marked by ever-expanding demands.

To read more about our history, methods and process download one of these brief articles:

The Hub for Equity and Innovation in Higher Education

The Hub for Equity and Innovation in Higher Education is an affiliated project, co-founded by Heidi Elmendorf and Randy Bass, to expand Georgetown’s work on equity and access. The Hub is based in the Red House and complements the Future(s) Initiative by focusing intensively on issues of equity, inclusiveness, and building capacities in communities that Georgetown serves and from which it draws students. For more on the Hub, click here.