Advance Our Work

Advance Our Work

We’re not striving to merely keep up with the changes that are happening around us, we want to define that change, continue to lead, and make each new class of students the best they can be.

– President John J. DeGioia

We invite you to make a gift in support of this important work to accelerate and sustain educational innovation at Georgetown. Gifts of any amount are welcome.

To members of the Georgetown community who have already shown their support to the work of Designing the Future(s), we send a heartfelt thank you. Our work would not be possible without the support, commitment and passion you bring to re-imagining higher education.

Excellence in learning requires us to create new ways to provide the education we value most. Designing the Future(s) is Georgetown’s way of embracing that change in order to prepare our students — in ever deeper and more transformative ways — to be active leaders in the world. This capacious effort could not occur without the support of Georgetown alumni, families, and friends.

Learn more about how your gift can have a transformative impact on the Georgetown experience:

Joe Zimmel (C ’75), Board of Regents member and  Co-chair of the Georgetown Learning Initiatives Committee,describes the challenges facing the University and higher education today and explains how the Designing the Future(s) Initiative is poised for success.

Pete Keenoy (B’79), a member of the Board of Regents, shares his love of Georgetown and its leadership in creating the education of the future, as well as the challenges that the university system will face in the 21st century.

Marie Hurabiell (C ’92), a member of the Board of Regents, talks about the role of design thinking in the Georgetown classroom and her unexpected, exciting involvement with the Designing the Future(s) Initiative.

Randall Bass, Vice Provost for Education and professor of English, discuss the work of the project, the role Georgetown’s communities can play in the future shape and direction of higher education, and why donors and alumni are so key to the work.

Faculty can work with the Red House to design a course that rethinks boundaries inside and outside the classroom. Contact us to learn more about the proposal process.

Georgetown students can join the Red House Student Network to get involved with curricular design on campus. Sign up today to receive updates about upcoming opportunities.

All Future(s) work is funded solely by philanthropy. Learn more about why our partners are supporting educational innovation at Georgetown.