Announcing Spring 2019 Courses!

Announcing Spring 2019 Courses!

November 5, 2018 News 0

The Red House is offering over 20 courses in Spring 2019! Whether you’re looking to fulfill your core requirements, explore your personal narrative and possible career paths, or engage in a semester-long project on gentrification in Washington, DC, there’s an option here for you. Explore the whole list below! 

Red House Courses

UNXD-190 : Personal Narrative and Professional Discernment

This course for sophomores engages students first in self-reflection and exploration. By developing and articulating self-knowledge students can create a narrative related to their values, skills, interests, and personality. Once this narrative is formed, students learn how to share their story verbally, in writing, and how this connects to vocational options and career-specific strategies such as writing resumes, interviewing, and networking. This course allows students to think critically about how identity connects with life during and after Georgetown in a way that will equip them for transitions as a student, a young alumnus, and beyond.

UNXD-295: Creator Studio

Taught by Prof. Eric Koester, this course will enable students to design and develop a book manuscript or podcast season, with a focus on examining a topic or topics where a student has a long-term interest or passion. Professor Koester’s “Creator Pedagogy” allows you to openly demonstrates your purpose/passions to enhance your credibility in a field, industry or area. The course is a hands-on experiential style.

SOCI-305: Gentrification Studio

This three-credit course is a studio-based course designed for students to collaboratively build projects that address issues of gentrification in Washington, DC.


Core Pathways Courses

The complexity of climate change invites us to address its causes and consequences through concerted methods of inquiry; its primacy as one of the major existential threats of our era calls us to respond to its dangers with urgency and purpose. Featuring a rich collection of multidisciplinary core curricular offerings from Environmental Sciences, History, Humanities and the Performing Arts, Philosophy, and Theology, this Core Curriculum Pathway will afford you the chance to rise to this challenge together with mentors and peers. In Spring 2019, all students will choose from two of the 7-week modules below. For more info on each course, visit the Core Pathways website

CHEM-015-01 and CHEM-015-02: Chemistry of Climate Change 

FMST-230-01 and FMST-230-02: Intro to Global Cinema (Climate Change)

HIST-007-01: Intro Early History

HIST-008-13: Intro Late History

PHIL-127-10 and PHIL-127-20: Climate Change and Global Justice

TPST-126-01 and TPST-126-02: Improv for Social Change (Climate Change) 

THEO-074-01 and THEO-074-02: Disability, Ethics, and EcoJustice


Bridge Courses

Bridge Courses are 1-credit seminars designed exclusively for seniors. Bridge Courses will help you gain personal and professional skills, reflect on your undergraduate experience, and engage in discussions about how to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life after graduation. View the list of courses, below, or click here to see descriptions and syllabi for each course!


UNXD-350: Life Negotiations with Andrew Caffey

UNXD-351: What’s MyStory? Developing a Personal & Professional Narrative with Beth Harlan

UNXD-357: Applied Ethics: Dealing Successfully with Ethical Challenges with Al Pierce

UNXD-360: Leadership for Young Professionals with Jennie Fay

UNXD-361: A Lifetime of Experimentation with Carrie von Bose

UNXD-362: Keeping Creativity Current with Thomas Xenakis

UNXD-363: Who I Was, and Who I Will Be with Erin Force

UNXD-364: The Jane Goodall Rules with John Trybus

UNXD-365: Identity Formation and Interpersonal Relationships with John Wright

UNXD-400: Freud and the Good Life with Terrence Reynolds

UNXD-403: Existentialism 2.0: The Dignity of Human Freedom with Frank Ambrosio

UNXD-404: The Forgotten Humanity of Prisoners with Marc Howard

UNXD-405: Citizenship in a Globalized World with Fr. Matthew Carnes, SJ

UNXD-406: Flourishing into the Future with Sarah Stiles

UNXD-407: Critical Thinking in Critical Times with Paul Roepe

UNXD-408: Setting the World on Fire with Chandra Manning

UNXD-409: Ignatianism and Unbelief with Anthony Pirrotti

UNXD-410: This I (May) Believe: Bringing Honorable Closure to my Georgetown Experience with Christopher Barth, Father Jerry Hayes, SJ, and Joan Riley

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