Bridging College to Life. Exclusively for Seniors.

The Bridge Courses were launched in Spring 2017 as a series of 1-credit, pass/fail seminars to help seniors gain personal and professional skills, reflect on their undergraduate experiences, and engage in discussions about how to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life after graduation. We designed the Bridge Courses for seniors who are seeking opportunities to prepare for the transition from college to the world beyond the front gates in a way that makes the most of their Georgetown education.

In these courses, you will explore skillsets and mindsets not normally found in the traditional curriculum, in low-pressure and relaxed settings. The courses are offered under the themes of Just Communities — with three subcategories — and Purposeful Careers. The Just Communities courses bring added attention to the relationship between your own individual well-being and purpose and that of the multiple communities in which you live and serve. The Purposeful Careers courses support you in developing the senses of discernment and purpose as you embark on career paths of meaning and service.

Spring 2021 Courses

Ways of Knowing

UNXD 404: Forgotten Humanity of Prisoners 
Marc Howard, Government, Prisons and Justice Initiative

UNXD 405: Citizenship in a Globalized World
Fr. Matt Carnes SJ, Government, Center for Latin American Studies

UNXD 410: This I (May) Believe
Joan Riley, NHS, Fr. Jerry Hayes SJ, Mission and Ministry, Christopher Barth, Jesuit Community

UNXD 411: Reason in a Dark Time
James Olsen, CNDLS, Philosophy

UNXD 412: What’s Next? Graduation and Life’s Big Questions
Keith Hrebenak, SFS

Ways of Doing

Ways of Being


UNXD 351: What’s My Story? Developing a Personal and Professional Narrative
Julio Orozco, Cawley Career Center

UNXD 369: Careers in Public Policy
Faiz Shakir, GU Institute of Politics

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Recent Updates

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Formation in the 21st Century

Provost Groves writes to the Georgetown community on the successful launch of the Bridge Courses in Spring 2017 and the continued movement for innovation in higher education on our campus.


How can we can preserve the core strength of faculty-student interaction in the classroom and beyond it, while at the same time effectively integrating digital technology, collaborative research, experiential learning, interdisciplinarity and diverse global perspectives into the curriculum?