Skills. Reflection. Transition. Exclusively for Seniors.

The Bridge Courses are a series of 1-credit, pass/fail senior seminars that will help you gain personal and professional skills, reflect on your undergraduate experience, and engage in discussions about how to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life after graduation. We designed the Bridge Courses for seniors who are seeking opportunities to prepare for the transition from college to the world beyond the front gates in a way that makes the most of their Georgetown education.

  • Personal and Professional Development courses help you make sense of your college years and look forward to the next stage of your life, providing you with opportunities to attain practical skills and reflect on personal and professional goals.
  • Enduring Questions courses are small seminars led by cherished faculty that examine core life questions in the context of a reflective discussion, where students can approach the material from a more mature perspective than when they first began at Georgetown. 

Fall 2020 Courses (see below for more information)

UNXD 351: What’s My Story? — develop your personal and professional narrative
UNXD 353: Vocation and Purpose 
— explore the decision pathways of your life and career
UNXD 367: Spirituality and Leadership — understand how to lead from what you believe
UNXD 406: Flourishing in the Future — incorporate a set of practices for sustained wellbeing
UNXD 409: The Problem of No God — create lives of meaning regardless of religious affiliation

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Here for the related online course Real World Ready? In 9 short modules, you can learn practical information like personal finance, healthcare, and signing a lease, courtesy of a new partnership between Real World and the Red House. Georgetown undergraduates have free access until August 2020. 

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