Building Blocks

“This is not about disruption; it’s about generating variations on our model, building blocks for institutional change.”

— Vice Provost Randy Bass

We believe that innovation is imperative if we, as an institution, are to live up to our own values in a landscape marked by ever-expanding demands.

The focus of our innovation processes is generating building blocks for institutional transformation: our goal is not to “disrupt” the institution’s core model so much as to generate nuanced variations so that it can adapt and change to new needs and contexts. We believe that if we are to balance educational improvement with equity and costs, then we must innovate on the most basic structures of our educational model.

Below are some of the building blocks for institutional transformation that we have designed, implemented and supported over the past few years. These are but building blocks that can combine in any one project, as well as integrate with longstanding elements, expanding the range of structures and practices for addressing rising needs of higher education.

Variations in Structure

Variations in Time, Credit, or Location

Variations in Curricular Content: Whole Person Learning