Challenges in Childhood and Society

Challenges in Childhood and Society


What is Challenges in Childhood and Society?

The Challenges in Childhood and Society cluster provides undergraduate students an opportunity to focus their study on mental health, human development, and psychological and sociological issues. The theme of this series of 1.5 credit modules is the challenges children face due to racism, poverty, and disparity in health.

In each module, I found myself making a real connection with my classmates and professor. My professors took a real interest in our lives and telling us about their professional and personal experiences. This class was also completely different than anything I’ve ever taken and I really valued the experience.

Why take the course cluster?

Focused Interdisciplinary Learning

The cluster allows students to discuss political and social issues, and apply them to deep psychological trends. The theme provides a link to exercise skills acquired in various stages of studies.

Build a More Aware Community

At this consequential time of our lives, it is important to think about the growth of the whole community, focusing on how we can nurture and protect children through their path to adulthood.

Take Meaningful Elective Courses

Students have the opportunity to theme their electives, allowing for a more cohesive selection. The 1.5-credit elective modules provide flexibility throughout the course pathway.



I greatly valued the community-based module and the commitment to innovation and a unique learning approach throughout all the modules.

I was able to gain the perspective of different cultures which is crucial for success as a psychologist.

It made me reflect a lot more on my own upbringing and educational background. It also made me a lot more competent and informed about the issues children face around the world.

These modules have been hands down the highlight of my week this semester.