Challenges in Childhood and Society

The Challenges in Childhood and Society course cluster consists of several 1.5-credit modules that can be bundled together to create a cohesive interdisciplinary experience for students. Collectively, the courses intensively focus on research, practice, and policy perspectives related to children’s physical health, and cognitive, emotional, and behavioral development and the social contexts in which children live, learn, and play. These courses, which began running in Fall 2016, allow faculty from both Main Campus and the Medical Center for an experience that combines classroom and site-based work and exposes students to a wide array of academic disciplines and research and teaching practices through both community-based learning and intensive seminar and policy courses.

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Recent Updates

Novel Course Cluster Explores “Challenges in Childhood and Society”

A group of professors from Georgetown University’s main campus and medical center have developed the Challenges in Childhood course cluster, a novel set of courses that involve undergraduates in interventions and solutions to pressing problems that too many children face.