Curriculum Transformation Initiative

Curriculum Transformation Initiative

Advancing Racial Justice

Announced by the Provost’s Office in October 2020,  the Curriculum Transformation Initiative for Racial Justice (CTI-RJ) is a new effort to assist departments and programs in revising their curricula to address issues of racial justice and systemic inequality.  The purpose of the 3-year initiative is to work with schools and curricular units to develop funding mechanisms and targeted support for meaningful curricular transformation.  In order to accelerate this work, the  Baker Trust for Transformational Learning is providing resources for coordination, implementation, and evaluation. There will be targeted, transformative funding in the form of unit-level grants for analysis, development, and implementation of transformative curricular revisions. The initiative will be coordinated and supported through the Red House, guided by a representative cross-campus Steering Committee.

CTI-RJ Steering Committee:

Formed in February 2021, the Curriculum Transformation for Racial Justice Steering Committee will focus on

  • Defining shared curricular and evaluative frameworks for transformation and impact;
  • Documenting effective practices and pedagogies, and leveraging available resources;
  • Connecting people, initiatives, units, and projects that would otherwise be isolated in this work;
  • Governing the eventual call for proposals and funding criteria, plus advising on the infrastructural components necessary for success: e.g., faculty stipends and additional development resources.

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