Dr. Marcia Chatelain Kicks off the Red House Dinner Series

February 3, 2017 News

Last Wednesday, Designing the Future(s) hosted Dr. Marcia Chatelain and a group of 15 undergraduates at our inaugural event for the Red House Dinner Series. The event brings together students and outstanding professors from across the university in conversations on higher education in the 21st century.

Dr. Chatelain, professor of History and a scholar of black girlhood during the Great Migration, shared her insights on working, living, and learning on Georgetown’s campus. The group responded to questions about the role of technology and social media in engaging students and faculty, the intersections of national events and in-class pedagogy, and embracing feminist voices and intersectional activism. Chatelain also shared strategies for “staying legible” to family when coming home from college, and the importance of developing shared vocabularies in community spaces.

The Red House Dinner Series will run through the Spring semester. If you are a student looking to attend the Series, you can sign up here. If you are a faculty member who would like to share your work or join our conversations around modern issues in higher education, please email the Red House at redhouse@georgetown.edu.

You can learn more about Dr. Chatelain’s scholarship and teaching at her website.

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