Fall 2018 Red House Courses

Fall 2018 Red House Courses

April 10, 2018 News 0
We are excited to announce our lineup of courses for the Fall 2018 semester! We have courses designed to help you fulfill your core requirements, figure out your personal narrative, engage in community-based learning, and more.
Core Pathways*
Featuring a rich collection of multidisciplinary core curricular offerings from Environmental Sciences, History, Humanities and the Performing Arts, Philosophy, and Theology, this Core Curriculum Pathway will afford you the chance to address the causes and consequences of climate change together with mentors and peers. 
PHIL-123: Ethics of Climate Change (Prof. James Olsen)
ENGL-243: Literature & Environmental Crisis (Prof. Karen Shaup)
THEO-030: Animals in the Environment (Prof. Christopher Steck)
BIOL-014: Ecology of Cities (Prof. Linda Green)
PHYS-016: The Physics of Climate Change (Prof. Rhonda Dzakpasu)
BIOL-017: Plants, People, and Climate (Prof. Martha Weiss)
*To register for Core Pathways, please visit our website to fill out a registration form, as you cannot directly pre-register for these courses.
UNXD Courses
Listed in MyAccess under subject code “UNXD – Univ Wide Cross Disc Courses”
UNXD-130: CBL: Social Action (Kerry Danner)
UNXD-190: Personal Narrative and Professional Discernment (Allison Moesel – intended for sophomores)
UNXD-204**: Challenges in Childhood and Society – Theory and Community Engagement
UNXD-206**: Challenges in Childhood and Society – Community Engagement and Policy
**UNXD-204 and 206 are 1.5 credits each. We recommend taking both, which will bundle into a 3-credit course. You must take 204 in order to take 206.

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