Formation by Design releases Project Progress Report

Formation by Design releases Project Progress Report

December 21, 2014 Announcement, News 3

The Formation by Design Project is pleased to release its 2014-2015 Progress Report. This report synthesizes the project participants and stakeholders’ robust work together at a Project Symposium and the months of discussion following it, which refined the network’s collective thinking around defining, designing for, and measuring formation.

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Sharing the project’s progress in each of the aforementioned areas, the report articulates five formational outcomes areas; outlines a set of principles to frame institutional design and action; and offers eight paths to action for institutions working to place formation at the center of their missions, designs, and assessments. Campus practitioners may feel free to leverage this report as a tool to spark discussion at their institutions, within the Formation by Design network, and beyond.

Read the report (3.5 MB PDF)

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