Formation by Design Symposium to be held next week

Formation by Design Symposium to be held next week

June 26, 2014 News 0



The Formation by Design Project will host a Symposium from June 30th to July 2nd in Washington, DC, to advance a framework and vision that puts formation at the heart of higher education. The symposium will bring leaders of international projects focused on holistic and integrative learning, ePortfolios, and learning analytics such as Connect to Learning, Bringing Theory to Practice, and Learning Emergence, together with Georgetown faculty and student affairs professionals to investigate the challenges and opportunities of connecting evidence of formation with the power of learning analytics.

The Symposium will establish a shared understanding of formation and whole person learning, and provide fertile ground for conversations about the unknown, the problems yet to be solved, and the questions that bear investigation. Symposium outcomes include the creation of a robust research network on formation and learner analytics, a defined research agenda that will contribute to the larger conversation on the purpose and value of higher education, and generation of ideas for locally-based pilots and initiatives. A series of design challenges at the Symposium will focus on how to define and measure the impact of holistic educational designs on students’ journey toward becoming productive, engaged citizens in this 21st century.

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