Future(s) Initiative Supporter Commends Impact of the Red House

Future(s) Initiative Supporter Commends Impact of the Red House

April 21, 2015 The Conversation 0

Comments offered by an anonymous donor on the Red House activities and Georgetown’s tradition and values. 


For us [the Georgetown Learning Initiatives Committee], the Red House symbolizes GU’s commitment to thinking “outside the box” when searching for possible solutions to the issues confronting higher education. It would have been very easy for the University to just have some committees that meet once a month in White-Gravenor or Healy and say,”we tried” but we couldn’t come up with anything. The Red House, to us, is a place where there are no rules or boundaries, no bad ideas and where failure of an idea is not “failure” but an effort to move the University forward in the process of “Reimagining the University”. I guess I should correct the last statement; there is one rule — GU will always be a Jesuit, liberal arts institution with a goal of developing women and men for others. After that, rules or boundaries only force one back to the status quo of escalating costs in higher education. So, the Red House represents a challenge to the status quo as part of developing the Georgetown education of the future, while preserving the educational rigor, the traditions and the experiences that we all cherish.

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