Georgetown brings the Future(s) Initiative to SxSW

Georgetown brings the Future(s) Initiative to SxSW

March 30, 2014 News 0

The disruptions of technology are affecting every aspect of our community—in fact, they are fundamentally changing the way our students learn and the expectations that they have for their time at the University.sxswedu

At SxSWedu—an education-focused offshoot of the renowned music and interactive festival SxSW—Provost Bob Groves, Chief Information Officer Lisa Davis and Program Manager for Innovation & New Media Michael Wang explored how we are meeting these new challenges through connecting our infrastructure to what we learn and how we live at Georgetown.

Since its inception in 2011, SxSWedu has provided the education community with a place to connect, collaborate, create and change how we teach and learn. The conference has grown more than five times it original size, now hosting more than 7000 education champions in celebration of innovation. Ideas discussed at SxSWedu have a far-reaching impact—inspiring new techniques of educational instruction and a deep conversation in why, how, what students learn. The idea is to break down some of the barriers that traditional education models impose and to improve education at all grade levels.

Also in Austin, Georgetown hosted a Design Lab, alumni meet ups and a reception to continue the conversation about the future of higher education, and Georgetown’s future specifically. At our headlining event, “Designing the University from the Inside,” Provost Groves and CIO Davis shared insights on the changes we are making: laying the technological groundwork for a fully connected and integrated Georgetown experience, integrating high-impact experiences with the academic curriculum, and rethinking traditional models of student-teacher interaction.

“We are interested in building blended courses and flipped classrooms,” said Provost Groves. “But the goal of all of these [experiments], is to increase the amount of time that faculty have with students in rich, deep dialogue.”

Highlighting our ITEL initiative and SkillHack: The Provost’s Challenge, the panel also showcased innovation at Georgetown, encouraging collaborations among faculty and students. These more seamless and integrative initiatives—inside and outside the classroom—create high-impact experiences that continue to affect students long after they leave Georgetown’s campus.

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