How to Quit: The Science of the Successful Career Transition

How to Quit: The Science of the
Successful Career Transition

I just realized this isn’t the job I want. Now What Do I Do?  Sign up and learn how to resolve this life crisis with fellow Hoyas!

Program Details

A four part series online in real time with peer alumni.

October 18 – November 8
6:30 – 8:30 PM

Why Take This Course?

For many people early in their career, the realization that they don’t love their job or feel like the career isn’t what they thought it would be may lead them to consider graduate school or simply apply for a bevy of jobs.  But what if there was another way to make a career switch or career transition that wasn’t a step backwards, but was a step forward.

The goal is that you’ll finish this course with a clear picture of where you want to go — and a plan to get there and accelerate into a career transition rather than take a step backwards to get there.

This four week program is designed to teach you the science of the ‘boundaryless’ career — a career defined by individuals who are able to successfully move from career, role, job or industry to another and grow with each move. We want to help you identify the direction to head and come up with your own plan to build a ‘portfolio’ that’ll enable you to land your dream job.

In this short course, you’ll learn from Eric Koester, a serial entrepreneur who has raised venture capital from Kleiner Perkins, Floodgate, Felicis Ventures, Ashton Kutcher, Meg Whitman, Naval Ravikant, Chicago Ventures, Revolution, SV Angel and other funds. He has also been the Managing Director of local venture capital firm NextGen Venture Partners, and is today is a venture partner for the seed fund. In his startups Eric, has created and executed on sales and marketing campaigns that drove millions of downloads, users, customers and earned media appearances.

Eric has been a part of the startup scenes in San Francisco/Silicon Valley, Seattle, and Washington, DC, plus spent substantial time in cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, Raleigh Durham, Atlanta and Chicago.  You’ll learn from Eric about what startups look for in their hires, how to navigate the complicated hiring maze, and the best companies to target for your skills.  You’ll also get exclusive access to Eric’s “Startup Career Path” assessment. Eric has been named the Entrepreneurship Professor of the Year at Georgetown and his courses are consistently some of the top rated on campus.  You can learn more about Eric at

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