New Gift Establishes Baker Trust for Transformational Learning

New Gift Establishes Baker Trust for Transformational Learning

February 14, 2019 News 0

Today’s university graduates face a landscape changing at unprecedented speed. Preparing students to thrive in an ever-shifting world demands a transformative ecosystem that fosters positive change in higher education.

The Baker Trust for Transformational Learning aspires to create a new paradigm of learning in which the development of the mindsets and capacities to navigate these changes are at the heart of every student’s education. This paradigm will distinguish Georgetown as a global leader in education attuned to the Ignatian principles of the whole person.

The Baker Trust will accelerate Georgetown’s efforts to reshape students’ educational journeys. It will create a platform for collaboration and sustained practice that incentivizes schools, faculty and centers to co-design, evaluate and expand high-impact learning approaches in and out of the classroom and across Georgetown’s campuses.

The Baker Trust will drive change through investments in academic programs and curricular designs that integrate a range of engaged and responsive learning experiences; provide resources to faculty to develop, pilot and strengthen new methods in core curriculum; foster relationships among schools, academic programs and experientially-focused centers; incubate innovative practices at the Capitol Applied Learning Lab; and sustain and enhance the transformative programs begun by the Baker Center for Leadership & Governance.

The result will be a University-wide collaboration that develops a new paradigm of learning that engages, adapts and responds to the complex needs of the 21st century.

Read more about the Baker Trust here.

How do we continue to shape a transformative education that is responsive to our time, that is equitable, affordable, and financially sustainable? We can’t meet all of those goals without innovation, without changing some of the ways we do business
— Vice Provost for Education Randall Bass.

Read Dr. Bass’ full Q&A  here.

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