Our Final Roundtables in the "Reinventors" Series

Our Final Roundtables in the "Reinventors" Series

August 11, 2014 News 0

Our fifth roundtable in the Reinvent the University for the Whole Person series, Principles Driving Policy, focused on the intersection of public policy and higher education — asking what type of public policies support an education made for the whole person.

The roundtable was brought many perspectives to the issue, with leading voices from across academic, government and technology sectors weighing in. Former U.S. Under Secretary of Education Martha Kanter noted that ideal public policies are those that recognize the complexity and diversity of higher education across the United States. Other panelists, including Georgetown’s Provost Robert Groves, added that the diversity within American higher education also contributed, in significant ways, to the economy and to the democratic process.

Our sixth and final roundtable, Strategies for Organizational Change, asked thought leader to draw upon all that we’ve learned throughout the series and to suggest ways that universities can adapt to better meet the needs we have identified.

Steven Mintz, the Executive Director of the University of Texas System’s Institute for Transformational Learning, argued for the importance of large-scale change– on an institutional or curricular level, rather than just among one or a few faculty members. Other participants noted that change in higher education also depends on the interests of stakeholders — including students, professors, employers and the general public.

These final episodes tied together much what we’ve learned throughout the series, helping to chart out the most promising courses forward for colleges and universities seeking to initiate impactful change in their future.

Stay tuned on the Future(s) website for Vice Provost Randy Bass’s final synthesis about what we have learned – and what we have accomplished – through this series.

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