Community Engagement to Hot Topics

Community Engagement to Hot Topics in Childhood and Society


Thursdays, 9:30am – 12pm (Dates: ​3/1, 3/15, 3/22, 4/5, 4/12, 4/19, and 4/26)

UNXD-205: Community Engagement to Topics in Childhood & Society

  • Faculty: Drs. Rachel Barr (instructor of record), Matthew Biel, and Toby Long

Course description:

The UNXD-204 is a prerequisite for students to enroll in this module. In this module that runs for the second half of the semester, students will continue along the Challenges in Childhood and Society thematic pathway from community engagement to a “hot topic” focused on atypical developmental pathways. Specifically, this module will focus on premature infants, developmental, learning and other disabilities, and behavioral challenges common in childhood. This course will further explore the societal contexts that contribute to prematurity and behavioral difficulties such as toxic stress environments, as well as the protective impact of the family context with regard to the parent-child relationship. The community-based learning component will include visits to University-affiliated clinical sites to experience these atypical developmental issues first hand. While on-site, students and faculty engage in direct observation and field study of infants and children in context and under the guidance of expert professionals. Community-based learning is an innovative and immersive educational experience. The course seeks to foster students’ understanding of children’s unique health and psychological needs, and emerging social relationship structures in an up-close manner with ample opportunity for learning and reflection. This course runs for 2 class periods on Thursday mornings. In combination with other 1.5 credit modules from our thematic pathway series, the 3 credits can be bundled to make a whole course. See also UNXD-204 for more information on this semester’s thematic pathway course module.