Professor John Pfordresher Dicusses Tolstoy, Humanist Education, and Writing

Professor John Pfordresher Dicusses Tolstoy, Humanist Education, and Writing

February 12, 2019 News

“Don’t miss out on those chances. If the desire to write and create is there, I urge you to listen to that voice and pursue it. You must pursue it.”

Professor John Pfordresher spoke these words in conversation with students last week on the 5th during the first Red House Dinner Series event of the Spring 2019 semester. Every month, one faculty member is invited to a dinner with a small group of Georgetown students to speak on his or her academic research, teaching experiences, and life interests.

Professor John Pfordresher (English) had the opportunity to chat with students from various schools and academic years on topics varying from favorite literary characters, Tolstoy’s masterpiece War and Peace, and the future of liberal humanist education. One of the attendees also posed a question on formulating a balance between writing and schoolwork, to which Professor Pfordresher replied passionately, emphasizing the importance of pursuing creative endeavors at this point in students’ lives.

It’s no surprise that Professor Pfordresher esteems the arts, given his lifelong career as a literary scholar and educator. As a fellow Hoya himself, Pfordresher has spent a number of years studying and teaching 19th century British literature at Georgetown and through programs such as the Villa le Balze and the Ignatius Seminars. By the end of the dinner, it was evident that Pfordresher’s passion isn’t just to teach his students, but to encourage them to pursue intellectual curiosities of their own outside of the classroom.

We are excited to host our next Red House Dinner Series with Professor Robert Bies (MSB, Management) on February 20th. Students can join the Red House Student Network listserv here to be the first to receive information about signups and stay up to date about all upcoming Red House events. You can also visit our Facebook page for event updates from the Red House. If you are a faculty member interested in hosting a Dinner, please reach out to us.

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