Professor Robert Bies (MSB) Connects with Students Over the Meaning of Leadership and Barking

Professor Robert Bies (MSB) Connects with Students Over the Meaning of Leadership and Barking

March 19, 2019 News

On the evening of Thursday, February 28th, 15 Georgetown students sat around a table and took turns barking under the request of Professor Robert Bies of the McDonough School of Business.

This took place as part of the second Spring Red House Dinner Series, Red House’s year-long program where students gather monthly with one faculty guest over dinner to hold informal conversation.

Students posed questions to Professor Bies regarding his work in management, but also on his approach to leadership and confidence-building– the latter of which Bies facilitates in his classes through having his students bark like dogs to get out of their comfort zones and practice creativity.

Students also received insight on the business world’s definition of leadership, as it relates to management. Professor Bies encouraged students to think of leadership as a verb rather than as a noun, emphasizing an active, ongoing role of leadership rather than just as a one-time, achieved role. Bies also uses the framework of design thinking to reimagine leadership, testing and revising different approaches to meet the needs of the team you are leading.

Finally, Professor Bies remarked on the value of experiential learning while referencing a few of Georgetown’s University-Wide Cross Disciplinary (UNXD) and Community-Based Learning (CBL) courses offered by the Red House. Bies, an advocate for learning through encountering, cites experiential learning as one of the best ways to create experiences in which learning models can be tested and come alive.

We are excited to host our next Red House Dinner Series with Professor You-Me Park (COL, Women and Gender Studies) on Wednesday, March 27. Students can join the Red House Student Network listserv here to be the first to receive information about signups and stay up to date about all upcoming Red House events. You can also visit our Facebook page for event updates from the Red House. If you are a faculty member interested in hosting a Dinner, please reach out to us.

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