“The number one rule is that we only support projects that break at least one rule.”

— Vice Provost Randy Bass —

We actively support projects and pilots that break at least one rule: that is, we experiment with flexibilities around key dimensions of our educational model, such as the one-size fits-all 15-week semester, the nine-month calendar, the ways we count and bundle credits, how we count progress to degree, faculty load, etc.

 With this structural focus, we bring to every project and pilot a set of commitments, to:

  • Expand the contexts and forms of learning for the 21st century
  • Make a Georgetown education as equitable and affordable as possible
  • Help faculty balance the educational and research missions, and
  • Ask how we might sustain a holistic and transformational education into the future.

We support pilots that have flexible and agile structures, a sustainable cost model, and stronger connections between students and faculty, classroom study and experiential application and ultimately between individual development and broader social change.

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