The New Learning Compact

The New Learning Compact:
A Framework for Professional Learning and Educational Change

Developed by a team of leading educators, the New Learning Compact Framework offers tools for transformational educational change. Based on the best new research, it aims to strategically and effectively link change in educators’ everyday practice with essential issues of community, institutional strategy and the broader ecosystem.

New Learning Compact Institute on Professional Learning

The New Learning Compact Institute helps campuses develop an action plan for engaging large numbers of educators in the high-impact professional learning processes needed to scale effective pedagogy and student support. The NLC Institute supports campus teams in a “systems thinking” approach to leveraging local resources and redesigning current program activity for long-term benefit, building capacity as adaptive learning organizations better prepared to cope with a future of on-going change.

The New Learning Compact Institute is a sustained, multi-part virtual institute that combines self-assessment and planning working with cohorts of diverse institutions, including community colleges, broad access public institutions.

About the Community Conversations Series:

The New Learning Compact and Achieving the Dream are hosting a series of Community Conversations that grow directly out of our work with campus partners to advance professional learning, equity and student success. 

The Community Conversations combine pre-recorded video with a live conversation. Over the course of March and April, the series will feature resources and conversation with leading national experts, including: 

  • Dr. Adrianna Kezar on “Engaging Adjunct and Contingent Faculty in High Impact Professional Learning.” Pre-recorded video available here. Live event on Monday, 3/15, from 4-5pm EDST (1-2pm PDST).
  • Dr. Mary Deane Sorcinelli on “Creating a Culture of Teaching and Learning.” Pre-recorded video available here. Live event on Wednesday, 3/31, from 4-5 pm EDST (1-2pm PDST).
  • Dr. Jose Moreno on “Professional Learning as a strategy for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.” Pre-recorded video available here. Live event on Friday, 4/16, from 4-5pm EDST (1-2pm PDST).
  • Dr. Peter Felten on “Engaging Students as Partners in Professional Learning Programs.” Pre-recorded video available here. Live event on Tuesday, 4/27, from 3-4 pm ESDT (12-1pm PDST).

Two Key Resources Used by the New Learning Compact Institute

By Randy Bass, Bret Eynon and Laura Gambino

The NLC Framework is a cohesive change-making resource that includes: Core Values, Core Principles, Inquiry Questions for Self-assessment and Planning, and Guidelines for Implementation and Evaluation. You’ll find not only an overview of the overarching Framework and its theory of change, but also exercises designed specifically to guide you and your institution in assessing current practice and developing a strategy for advancing high-impact professional learning.

By Bret Eynon and Jon Iuzzini

Achieving the Dream’s Teaching and Learning Toolkit builds on and deepens the value of the NLC Framework. Grounded in research and informed by the strong work of network colleges, ATD designed this resource to support college teams in building institutional professional learning capacity and nurturing a culture of teaching and learning excellence.

The Toolkit links the Framework to an exploration of evidence-based pedagogies and holistic student support. It synthesizes research from the field, with links to professional learning resources and case studies that illustrate and nuance the Framework’s Core Principles. It offers you and your team a rich array of worksheets and planning templates to take this work forward at your institution.  

To learn more about the New Learning Compact, the NLC Institute and the ATD Toolkit and Institutes, please contact