Red House Dinner Series: Cal Newport asks students to “do less, do better, know why”

Red House Dinner Series: Cal Newport asks students to “do less, do better, know why”

March 30, 2017 News 0

This past Tuesday, the Red House invited Professor Cal Newport to speak with students at the Red House Dinner Series. Newport discussed his most recent book project, Deep Work, and the ways in which undergraduates can find success by focusing on a smaller, meaningful set of extracurriculars and academics.

The group explored the mindful use of technology in daily life, the inherent relationship between finding depth and finding meaning in work, and the acknowledgement that stress culture isn’t productive and burnout doesn’t scale. He asked students to consider how they could “do less, do better, and know why” as they traverse the undergraduate landscape.

Cal Newport is the Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor in the Computer Science department, where he focuses on distributed algorithms and communication systems. His book Deep Work was published last year. You can check out Newport’s latest work on his website, or read his Study Hacks blog here.

The Red House Dinner Series will run through the Spring semester. If you are a student looking to attend the Series, you can sign up here or check out our Facebook page. If you are a faculty member who would like to share your work or join our conversations around modern complexities in higher education, please email the Red House at

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