Red House Dinner Series: Government and Law Professor Marc Howard Talks Education and Justice

Red House Dinner Series: Government and Law Professor Marc Howard Talks Education and Justice

March 22, 2017 News 0

On Tuesday, March 20, the Red House invited Professor Marc Howard to speak about his work around prison reform and criminal justice at the Red House Dinner Series. The event brings together students and outstanding professors from across Georgetown in conversations on 21st century higher education practices.

In conversation with students and Red House staff, Professor Howard shared his motivations for his well-known GOVX-400 course, “The Prison Reform Project,” which organizes visits with the Jessup Correctional Institution. He also shared insights on interdisciplinary problem-solving through his work with the Georgetown Prisons and Justice Initiative, and discussed the power of the liberal arts through his work with the JCI Scholars Program. Howard’s approach to teaching criminal justice and prison reform serves as a model for creatively addressing complex problems through education, both in individual interactions between students and teachers and collectively as a community of faculty, staff, students, and other stakeholders.

Howard currently teaches in the Government department and Law school, serves as the Director of the Prisons and Justice Initiative on campus, and teaches in the Prison Scholars Program at JCI. His latest book, Unusually Cruel: Prisons, Punishment and the Real American Exceptionalism, will be available this summer. For more information on Howard and his work on prisons and justice, you can check out his website.

The Red House Dinner Series will run through the Spring semester. If you are a student looking to attend the Series, you can sign up here or check out our Facebook page. If you are a faculty member who would like to share your work or join our conversations around modern complexities in higher education, please email the Red House at

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