Spring 2018 UNXD Courses

Spring 2018 UNXD Courses

November 2, 2017 News 0

The Red House is excited to announce our lineup of courses for the Spring 2018 semester! More classes may be added in the coming months, but each of the listed courses below is available for pre-registration. If you have questions about any of these courses, please contact us at redhouse@georgetown.edu . If you wish to select one of these courses during pre-registration, you can find them under the “Univ Wide Cross Disc” subject code!


General Courses

UNXD-130: CBL – Social Action

UNXD-131: CBL – Social Action for Campus Leaders

*UNXD-190: Personal Narrative and Professional Discernment

UNXD-204/205: Challenges in Childhood and Society: Theory, Engagement, and Hot Topics (Prematurity and Behavioral Differences)

**UNXD-306Urban Studio II


Bridge Courses for Seniors

UNXD-350: Life Negotiations with Andrew Caffey

UNXD-351: Story-knowing and Storytelling with Beth Harlan

UNXD-353: Vocation and Purpose with Jeanne Lord and Rev. Bryant Oskvig

UNXD-354: Organizational Behavior with David Wallis

UNXD-355: Environmental Stewardship with Laura Anderko

UNXD-356: Intentional Work with Victoria Turco

UNXD-357: Applied Ethics with Al Pierce


UNXD-400: Freud and the Good Life with Terrence Reynolds

UNXD-402: Augustine’s Confessions with Kate Withy

UNXD-403: Existentialism 2.0: The Dignity of Human Freedom with Frank Ambrosio

UNXD-404: The Forgotten Humanity of Prisoners with Marc Howard

UNXD-405: Citizenship in a Globalized World with Fr. Matthew Carnes

*UNXD-190 is geared toward sophomores.

**UNXD-306 – Urban Studio II is only open to students who have taken UNXD-305 – Urban Studio I. If you are interested in enrolling in Urban Studio I in Fall 2018, please contact Brian McCabe.

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