Spring 2019 Bridge Courses

Spring 2019 Bridge Courses

November 2, 2018 News 0

Skills. Reflection. Transition. Exclusively for Graduating Seniors.

The Bridge Courses are a new series of 1-credit, pass/ fail senior seminars that will help you gain personal and professional skills, reflect on your undergraduate experience, and engage in discussions about how to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life after graduation. We designed the Bridge Courses for seniors who are seeking opportunities to prepare for the transition from college to the world beyond the front gates.

Join the Red House for a happy hour on Thursday, November 8th at the Bulldog Tavern from 4:30 – 6:30 PM. Stop by to learn more about the Bridge Courses and meet some of the faculty who will be teaching this Spring.  

You can pre-register for these classes beginning on November 5th, and can find them in MyAccess under the subject name “UNXD: Univ-Wide Cross Disc.”

Bridge Courses are offered in two categories:

Personal and Professional Skills

  • UNXD-350: Life Negotiations with Andrew Caffey
  • UNXD-351: What’s MyStory? Developing a Personal & Professional Narrative with Beth Harlan
  • UNXD-357: Applied Ethics: Dealing Successfully with Ethical Challenges with Al Pierce
  • UNXD-360: Leadership for Young Professionals with Jennie Fay
  • UNXD-361: A Lifetime of Experimentation with Carrie von Bose
  • UNXD-362: Keeping Creativity Current with Thomas Xenakis
  • UNXD-363: Who I Was, and Who I Will Be with Erin Force
  • UNXD-364: The Jane Goodall Rules with John Trybus
  • UNXD-365: Identity Formation and Interpersonal Relationships with John Wright

Enduring Questions

  • UNXD-400: Freud and the Good Life with Terrence Reynolds
  • UNXD-403: Existentialism 2.0: The Dignity of Human Freedom with Frank Ambrosio
  • UNXD-404: The Forgotten Humanity of Prisoners with Marc Howard
  • UNXD-405: Citizenship in a Globalized World with Fr. Matthew Carnes, SJ
  • UNXD-406: Flourishing into the Future with Sarah Stiles
  • UNXD-407: Critical Thinking in Critical Times with Paul Roepe
  • UNXD-408: Setting the World on Fire with Chandra Manning
  • UNXD-409: Ignatianism and Unbelief with Anthony Pirrotti
  • UNXD-410: This I (May) Believe: Bringing Honorable Closure to my Georgetown Experience with Christopher Barth, Father Jerry Hayes, SJ, and Joan Riley

We don’t want cost to be a barrier to any student who wants to take a Bridge Course: the Red House has limited need-based scholarships available for part-time students interested in taking Bridge Courses. If you plan to seek scholarship assistance, we still recommend that you pre-register for your preferred Bridge Course in November, since the courses can fill up quickly. If you are awarded a seat in a Bridge Course through pre-registration, you’ll hear from us in early December about the scholarship process. Email redhouse@georgetown.edu with any questions.


For more information on these courses, including meeting schedule and course descriptions, visit futures.georgetown.edu/bridge and follow us on Facebook for updates

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