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Professor Sarah Johnson (STIA) discusses space exploration, research and the importance of balance

April 4, 2019 News 1

Space, the final frontier. On Thursday, March 14, students gathered at the Red House for the fourth Dinner Series event of the semester got a glimpse into the vast expanse of the universe beyond our planet and the emerging public and private research that is trying to understand it.

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Professor Anna Celenza of the Department of Performing Arts connects with students over art history and storytelling at the first dinner series of the semester

October 5, 2018 News

During her time in graduate school, Professor Anna Celenza took on babysitting as her part-time job. After a long day of class, Celenza would spend her nights occupying restless children, putting them to bed by recounting to them the history of symphonies and analyzing the music as it played.

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Professor Rosemary Ndubuizu speaks on community building, institutional investment, and social movements at Red House Dinner Series

April 5, 2018 News

On March 19th, Red House was delighted to host African American Studies Professor Rosemary Ndubuizu.

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