The Climate Change Imperative: What Every Georgetown Student Should Know About Climate Change

As a follow-up to Jim Yong Kim’s March 18 Global Futures lecture, “A Plan for the Planet: Confronting Climate Change,” the Global Future(s) Curriculum Studio would like to begin organizing a campus-wide conversation exploring the relationship between climate change and a Georgetown education.



To start the conversation, we have produced three videos featuring Georgetown faculty and administrators, in which they offer their perspectives on educating students about climate change. Each brief video explores a different theme or set of questions. Above, you will find the first video, which features interviewees discussing students’ “scientific literacy” with respect to climate change.

The second video explores the interdisciplinarity of climate change and its implications for education.

The third video describes what faculty and students are already doing to battle climate change on campus and beyond.

We hope these videos spark fruitful conversation about how the Global Future(s) Curriculum Studio can work with faculty, administrators, and students in the coming months to conceptualize new and strengthen existing curricular models to engage students deeply in the challenges of climate change and take informed action to battle it. If you would like to get involved specifically in this portion of the Studio’s newly forming work, please email Chad Anderson, project manager, at

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