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Please join us in expanding the conversation about Designing the Future(s) of the University, where we explore important issues in higher education through this blog. Here guest bloggers will weigh in, focusing on discussions resonating throughout our community – questions of preserving the Georgetown education we value and charting our path forward.

Thinkers from within and beyond the University – leading voices on the changing nature of education such as Vice Provost Randy Bass – will be regular contributors to the blog, setting the stage for innovation at Georgetown.

President DeGioia and Provost Groves launched Georgetown’s Designing the Future(s) of the University Initiative on November 20, 2013 by highlighting the three “interlocking and mutually reinforcing” aims of the university: the formation of our students, the scholarship of our faculty and the pursuit of the common good. Susan Hockfield, former President of MIT, brought new perspective on January 30, asserting that “the core of the university is discovery, it’s innovation” – in speaking about both our studies and our institution itself.

This is one place to continue these discussions, to exchange ideas and perspectives, and to push ourselves into deeper exploration of these larger questions that our institutions face.

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