What’s My Story? Developing a Personal and Professional Narrative

What's My Story? Developing a Personal and Professional Narrative (UNXD-351)

“By the time they graduate from college, most students still have not achieved the kind of self-authorship that would allow them to think independently, make choices, and pursue their dreams.” – Marcia B. Baxter Magolda

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Why Take This Course?

This course will offer space and structure for seniors in their final semester to develop, integrate, and express a personal narrative that helps them move forward into the world.

Through a critical examination of constructs such as Chaos Theory of Careers (Pryor & Bright) and Self-Authorship (Baxter Magolda), students will explore frameworks to guide their reflection process.  Readings, written assignments, group discussion among students, and conversations with participating alumni will facilitate the development of stories related to beliefs about life and work, values, strengths, and relationships with others.  Students will create and present a living project that can be refined in the years to come.

Beth Harlan has devoted the past fifteen years to helping others better understand, contextualize, reframe, and articulate their own stories.  As an Associate Director in Georgetown’s Career Center, she works closely with students and alums to address big-picture and tactical questions: “who am I, where do I want to be, and how do I get there?!”

A regular speaker to twentysomethings, Beth is quick to encourage and inspire.   She first taught this course for second-semester seniors in Spring 2017, and has also taught a version for Georgetown young alumni.